Price Comparisons with Local Restaurants


Please note: This price comparison is for information and budgeting purposes only. It is designed to provide our diners and other interested parties with a sampling of our prices as compared to area restaurants. Because it is updated only once yearly, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of area restaurant prices over time.

Meal Averages*

Breakfast ~ $5.15 plus state sales tax 
Lunch ~ $6.95 plus state sales tax 
Dinner ~ $7.10 plus state sales tax

*Averages are based on the total number of purchases during the meal hours.

Breakfast Items

ItemCampus DiningWaffle HouseCracker
Boone Bagelry
Bagel with Cream Cheese2.99  3.39
Belgian Waffle2.993.05  
Country Ham Biscuit1.79 2.69 
Egg & Cheese Bagel2.89   
Egg (1) 0.793.20  1.00
Egg (2) 1.583.60 2.792.00
Eggs (2) with Grits and Toast (2) 2.97  6.796.48
Eggs (2) with Grits, Bacon and Toast 3.626.55 (with Ham) 7.79 8.87
Gravy Biscuit 1.293.00 (2)  3.995.29
Gravy Biscuit, Bacon (1), Sausage (1) and Egg (1) 3.52 4.998.49
Grits0.901.95 1.692.49
Hash Browns / Home Fries1.101.952.792.49
Oatmeal 0.89 4.793.79
Pancake (1)1.30 6.69(3)2.39
Sausage Biscuit 1.203.85 (with Egg) 2.49 
Sausage Patties (2)1.582.703.192.59
Toast (1)0.29  1.99

Specialty Coffee

ItemCrossroads and Wired ScholarConrad's Coffee (Roess Dining Hall)StarbucksStickboy
Cappuchino (16 oz)2.843.493.653.79
Latte (16 oz)3.513.493.65 (12 oz)3.79
Mocha (16 oz)3.843.794.15 (12 oz) 
Premium Fresh Brewed Coffee (16 oz)1.871.892.10 (12 oz)2.29


ItemCampus DiningComeback ShackCookoutFive Guys
Bottled Water1.591.94 2.17
Fountain Drink (22 oz)1.891.941.792.69
Iced Tea (22 oz)1.891.940.99 

Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches & More 


Mountaineer Grille

(Sanford Commons, Roess Dining Hall)

Rivers Street Grille

(Rivers Street Cafe, Roess Dining Hall)

Comeback Shack CookoutFive
Fried Chicken Sandwich 
French Fries (3 oz / regular)1.791.792.340.993.79
Grilled Chicken Sandwich4.204.204.573.39 
Hot Dog2.952.493.290.994.09
Onion Rings21.99 1.99 
Hamburger3.254.653.992.794.39 (small)
Veggie Burger3.59 (Traditions)5.65 (Impossible Burger)4.79  


Item Campus Dining (8")Subway  (6"/12")Jimmy
Johns (8")
Wolfies Deli (8" with a drink, chips, and a pickle)
Roast Beef6.004.89/7.795.756.50



The Pizzeria

(Sanford Commons, Roess Dining Hall)

Fireside Pizza

(Rivers Street Cafe, Roess Dining Hall)

Capone'sDomino'sMellow Mushroom Bella's Italian 
Whole Pie12.75 (16" one topping) 15.85 (20-inch 1 topping)16.9914.49  (14") 25.0012.49
Gluten Friendly Pizza (7" 1 Topping)N/A  7.988.99 11.6416.99 (12")
Cheese Slice 2.50 3.00    
Pepperoni Slice 2.50 3.50    
Specialty Pizza Slice 2.50 4.10    
Calzone  N/A 5.497.99   8.99 (Cheese)10.95



Noodle Works

(Rivers Street Grille, Roess Dining Hall)

Pasta Bar

(Sanford Commons, Roess Dining Hall)

Mellow MushroomBella's Italian
Pasta Alfredo 4.20

$3.99 self-serve pasta with marinara or alfredo sauce

+ $0.49 for one breadstick     

Pasta Alfredo with Bread 5.10  
Pasta Alfredo with Chicken 6.30 6.4910.99
Pasta Marinara 4.20  
Pasta Marinara with Bread 5.10 6.99

Entrees & Vegetables

ItemCampus DiningPedalin' PigCracker
All Vegetables1.45 2.501.693.50
Baked Potato1.552.502.99 
BBQ Pork Sandwich (with fries and 22 oz. drink)5.008.95  9.00
Chicken (fried or baked) (with 2 sides and bread)7.0413.95 12 (Lunch) / 14 (Dinner) 
Chicken (fried or baked) (with 3 sides and bread)8.49  10.49 
Chicken Tenders (3)3.30 10.49 (6 with 3 sides and bread)  
Soup/Chili Bowl2.995.95 (cup) / 8.95 (bowl)4.993.50 (cup) / 6 (bowl) 
Sweet Potato1.552.50 2.99 
Veggie Plate (3 veggies and bread)4-4.357.95 (4 veggies)7.2910.50 


ItemCampus DiningStick
Cafe PortofinoPeppers 
Cake Slice2.255.496.956.00
Pie (premium)1.954.79 5.50 

Weighed Items

ItemCampus DiningEarthfareHarris TeeterLowe's
Salad (by the lb)5.607.995.995.99
Salad with Meat (by the lb)7.057.995.995.99
Fruit (by the lb)5.607.995.995.99


ItemCampus DiningBarberitosChipotleBlack Cat Burrito Coyote Kitchen
Burrito 6.50 (Habaneros in Sanford Commons)6.996.258.50 (with chips & slaw)10.99
Quesadilla0.44 per oz. (Park Place at the Pond)6.99 5.00 (plus toppings)