Carryout and Services

Campus Dining provides convenient ways to serve you — whether it's grabbing food for pickup, offering housemade baked goods or providing easy, ready-to-serve options for a meeting, gathering or celebration. Groups can enjoy platters, meal kits, and even Chick-fil-A carryout! Call us at (828)-379-4326 to customize your carry out order today. We look forward to serving you!




The convenient way to order food for pickup from on-campus locations.

App Bakery

App Bakery

The App Bakery provides a variety of delicious pastries for order.

Express To Go

Express To Go

Made-to-order carryout platters and more for your meeting or event.

Chick-fil-A Carry Out

Nugget Trays                                                                                                                              

200 Count Nugget Tray, Large $139.00  |  120 Count Nugget Tray, Medium $84.50  |  64 Count Nugget Tray, Small $48.00                                                                       

Packaged Meals                                                                                                           

$12.79/each - 8 Count Nugget + Chips + Brownie  -or-  $12.63/each - Chick-fil-A Sandwich + Chips + Brownie                                    

Brownie Trays

Fudge Chunk Brownie Tray (24 halves) Large $35.00  -or-  Fudge Chunk Brownie Tray (12 halves) Small $17.50

Bulk Drinks   

Iced Tea/Unsweet Tea, Gallon $8.50 |  Lemonade, Diet/Regular, Gallon $16.00  |  Sunjoy - 1/2 Tea & 1/2 Lemonade, Gallon $13.75

ReUsePass Reusable Container Program

Campus Dining encourages you to dine in which builds community and supports the university’s commitment to sustainability by decreasing food waste and single-use, compostable containers; however, we understand that you may sometimes need to carry out a meal. 

ReusePass is a sustainability program that lets diners check out and return reusable to-go containers, reducing resource consumption and diverting single-use containers from landfills.


ReusePass makes checking out a reusable container as easy as checking out a library book! Each ReusePass user and container have a unique QR code. When you’re checking out a container, dining operators will scan your ReusePass QR and the container QR code, which starts your rental window. Like library books, all containers have a due date. Use your mobile number to access your ReusePass account, keep track of your containers, see return bin locations, and celebrate your positive planetary impact!

Customers may carry out meals from Campus Dining’s All Access dining halls using reusable ReUsePass containers. Retail venues will provide compostable containers, upon request, for a small charge to offset the cost of the compostable container. 

All Access Carryout

  1. Before you swipe in, download ReUsePass, and let the cashier know that you would like to carry out your meal.

  2. You will receive a reusable carryout container. 

  3. You may fill your container with food — the lid should close. You may also select an additional piece of fruit to carry out. Please use your refillable cup for carryout beverages. 

  4. Carryout diners may not eat in the dining hall.

  5. Once you leave with your carryout meal, you will be unable to swipe in again at any All Access dining hall for 45 minutes. During this period of time, you can visit any of Campus Dining’s retail venues, coffee shops, food trucks, markets and vending machines using your Dining Dollars or other method of payment. 

*Compostable container fees will be charged to your Dining Dollars account while funds are available. If you prefer to pay via Campus Cash or credit card, please notify the cashier before you swipe in. Cash is not accepted for payment.

Retail Venue Carryout

  1. When placing your order, notify the server that you need a carryout container.  

  2. To offset the cost of the compostable container, you will be charged 50 cents at the register. 

*Compostable container fees will be charged to your Dining Dollars account while funds are available. If you prefer to pay via Campus Cash or credit card, please notify the cashier before you swipe in. Cash is not accepted for payment.

About our carryout containers

  • App State is transitioning to reusable carryout containers in all access locations. Retail locations offer carryout containers that are compostable, and the cost is 50 cents each. We are working to implement the reusable carry-out container system at all locations, which comply with North Carolina's Food Code. 

  • Please utilize the compost facilities on campus when disposing of your compostable container(s).

Personal carryout containers not permitted

North Carolina's Food Code prohibits the use of personal carry-out meal containers that have not been cleaned/sanitized in a commercial setting. Refillable beverage cups are permitted. 

Learn more by reviewing the North Carolina Food Code Manual (PDF,3.81MB) — see section 3-304.17 Refilling Returnables.