Crossroads & Wired Scholar

About the App State Campus Coffee Shops


Located in the Plemmons Student Union, Crossroads has been a part of study sessions, coffee breaks, meetings, and night-time entertainment since the 1990s. 

Wired Scholar 

Located in the Belk Library and Information Commons, Wired Scholar is a study-time staple for students, faculty, and staff utilizing the study space and research resources in Appalachian State University's library. 


The coffee shops' hours are listed in our operating hours. Please be sure to check our entire list of special schedules surrounding holidays and breaks. 



Coffee for Crossroads and Wired Scholar is provided by Hatchet Coffee in Boone, NC


12 oz. $2.25

16 oz. $2.75

20 oz. $3.25

Cold Brew

12 oz. $5.00

16 oz. $6.00


Double Shot 4 oz. $2.00

Triple Shot 4 oz. $3.00

Latte 12 oz. $3.50 / 16 oz. $4.50 / 20 oz. $5.50

Cappuccino 12 oz. $3.00 / 16 oz. $4.00

Breve 12 oz. $4.75 / 16 oz. $5.25

Americano 16 oz. $2.25

Red Eye 12oz. $3.25 / 16 oz. $3.75

Cortado 4 oz. $2.50

Specialty Drinks

12 oz. $5.00 /  16 oz. $6.00 /  20 oz. $7.00

Grasshopper - Chocolate & mint latte

Turtle - Chocolate, hazelnut & caramel

Crème Brulee - Caramel, vanilla & cinnamon latte

Mocha - Chocolate latte

White Mocha - White chocolate latte


Extra Shot of Espresso $1.00

Almond/ Coconut/ Soy Milk $0.57

Oat Milk $0.99

Syrup $0.75


12 oz. $4.00 / 16 oz. $5.00 / 20 oz. $6.00

Hot chocolate or steamed milk with any flavored syrup

Frozen Treats



Your choice of syrup flavor blended with espresso and ice cream topped with whipped cream 



Your choice of syrup flavor blended with ice cream and topped with whipped cream



Fruit Choices

Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, Banana, Peach, Wildberry, Fruit & Veggie Juice Blend

Add on

+$0.75 (Vitamin C, Immunity Blend, Whey Protein, Fat burner, Fruits and Veggies, Sunbutter)

Signature Smoothies

Sunbutter, banana, strawberry

Wildberry & banana

Raspberry & chocolate

Spring Break - Peach, mango

Just Fruit Smoothies

The Jam - Strawberry

The Split - Strawberry and banana

The Coastal - Peach and mango

The Black Bear - Raspberry and Mango

The Very Berry - Wildberry

Fitness Freak Smoothies

Skippin’ Lunch - Balanced meal placement with protein, banana, sunbutter, chocolate and yogurt

Re-Fuel - Low calorie, post-workout whey protein shake

Lean Machine - High protein, low calorie shake wit fat burner and fiber added

Immune Booster - Vitamin C and immunity blend with protein


Our pastries are made fresh daily from Stickboy Bread Company and App Bakery

Cinnamon Roll $2.79 

With optional cream cheese

Croissant $3.29

Chocolate Croissant

Gluten-Free Muffin $2.79

Blueberry, chocolate

Muffin $2.79

Blueberry, everything, chocolate, apple streusel 

Scone $2.49

Blueberry, cheddar spinach, maple walnut, chocolate chip

Turnover $3.29

Apple or cherry

Plates, Sides, and Snacks 

Hummus Plate $5.99

With pita chips

Pimento Cheese $5.99

With pita chips

Chips $1.49 


Please note that we use almond, peanut, and milk products in our coffee shops. Our menu features seasonal flavors not listed on this menu. And, everything on this menu is subject to availability.