Dining Facilities & Menus

Roess Dining Hall

Sanford Commons

Rivers Street Cafe

Rivers Street Cafe, located upstairs in Roess Dining Hall, hosts a spread of difference concepts with creative menus and fresh ingredients, including the popular Terra Verde, a plant-forward dining concept.

Trivette Hall

Plemmons Student Union

Mountain Laurel Hall

Located at the corner of Blowing Rock Road and Hwy 105 Extension, Mountain Laurel Hall is a residence hall managed by University Housing. Campus Dining operates a convenience market in the lobby to provide a practical location for students living there to make purchases with their Meal Plans, Campus Cash, major credit cards or cash*. 

* cash is not being accepted at this time due to COVID-19 precautions.

Coffee Shops

Crossroads in Plemmons Student Union 

Crossroads coffee house provides a space for students, faculty, and staff to gather, sit and share experiences and knowledge with each other. 

Wired Scholar in Belk Library and Information Commons

Wired Scholar was named by students who understood that this coffee shop is meant to energize the academic mission of our campus.

Rise Market + Bakery in Leon Levine Hall

People, like bread, rise highest when fueled with exceptional ingredients and menus crafted with integrity.

Rise Market + Bakery’s mission is to provide carefully created meals and experiences that enable students, faculty and staff to rise to the top of their field while supporting local partners through intentional sourcing.