Dining Facilities & Menus

Roess Dining Hall

Campus Coffee Shops

Rise Market + Bakery in Leon Levine Hall

People, like bread, rise highest when fueled with exceptional ingredients and menus crafted with integrity.

Rise Market + Bakery’s mission is to provide carefully created meals and experiences that enable students, faculty and staff to rise to the top of their field while supporting local partners through intentional sourcing.

Crossroads in Plemmons Student Union 

Crossroads coffee house provides a space for students, faculty, and staff to gather, sit and share experiences and knowledge with each other. 

Wired Scholar in Belk Library and Information Commons

Wired Scholar was named by students who understood that this coffee shop is meant to energize the academic mission of our campus.

Trivette Hall

Trivette Hall [campus map] overlooks Appalachian's scenic duck pond and is home to Park Place at the Pond and McAlister's Select. The Market at Trivette (see below) is also located here. 

Plemmons Student Union

A gathering place for students, faculty and staff, the Plemmons Student Union [campus map] features Cascades Cafe, Blended and McAlister's Deli. The University Bookstore Market (see below) is also accessed at the Student Union. 


Student Recreation Center

The SRC features the Power Bar, where students, faculty and staff can grab a pre or post workout snack. Choose from Blended smoothies, snacks, sandwiches, fruit and an array of beverages.

The Markets

The Markets, located in Trivette Hall, the University Bookstore and the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall, offer a large variety of convenience store items. The Market also offers candy bars, drinks, fresh fruits, and a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan items. Also included are health and beauty aids for your convenience.