Employee Resources

These resources are for staff members that are currently employed by App State Campus Dining.

If you are seeking a job, visit our Employment page to view part-time and full-time opportunities.

The Initial Notification of Incident Form is to be completed for any campus incident. 

Position Action Request Form

This form is designed to initiate the process to add positions or back fill positions in Campus Dining.

Login to access the form.

Employee Scheduling Resource

All employee scheduling is handled through When to Work employee accounts that are established during the hiring process. 

Login to access employee scheduling.

Maintenance Request Form

Please submit the Maintenance Request Form to request work orders from our maintenance team. 

TransAct Support Link

Use the TransAct Support Link to access the customer portal. 

Contract Request Form

Please complete the Contract Request Form for any internal contract approvals. 

Campus Dining Request for Donation Form

Please have a Campus Dining Request for Donation Form submitted for any requests made by student organizations, departments or external inquiries.